To gradually transfer control to the community and ensure a fair and equitable decision-making process that benefits all stakeholders, Web3Shot is distributing 1% of $W3S tokens on April 4 to the community.

Web3Shot provide a permissionless platform that brings web3 experts, web3 startup, and web3 newbie for collective learning. The learning process is interested, easy-to-understand, and cohesive. As a co-builder, users can contribute expertise in the specified web3 field. For a more inclusive future, decentralizing governance is a critical step toward ensuring the long-term success of any decentralized platform. With this community-owned DAO governance, Web3Shot community members can continuously learn and participate in Web3Shot, build partnerships, and create a bigger Web3Shot ecosystem together. 

For the initial phase, 1% of the total supply will be distributed in the Web3Shot Airdrop on April 4, based on a snapshot taken on April 3, 2023, at 00:00 UTC. Eligibility criteria for the airdrop are based on Web3Shot Passport, with all Passports possessing an NFT level greater than 1 qualifying for the airdrop. There are a total of 3102 addresses that meet these criteria, meaning that every account will receive 322.37 $W3S tokens equally. 

The Web3Shot Passport is an essential part of the Web3Shot ecosystem. As users engage in daily learning activities, their Passport level increases, making it even more valuable and rare. One of the most significant benefits of the Web3Shot Passport is its versatility across various Web3 applications. This means that the Passport can be used beyond the Web3Shot ecosystem, providing users with a unified digital identity that they can take with them wherever they go in the Web3 world. Recently, Web3Shot partnered with Web3 Talents Market, Connex. The Passport became the reputation of both Web3Shot and Connex.

This airdrop is the first step to achieving community-owned DAO governance and marks an important milestone in the decentralization of Web3Shot. After the first stage, there will be a launch of a decentralized governance platform that enables W3S holders to vote on important decisions affecting the platform’s future. With this launch, The Web3Shot DAO gains ownership of the platform and assumes responsibility for cultivating and expanding the Web3Shot ecosystem. With the majority of Web3Shot tokens will be community-owned, the DAO community will assume responsibility for the future of Web3Shot.

In conclusion, the airdrop and introduction of DAO governance for Web3Shot is a momentous occasion in the platform’s decentralization journey. It also marks the start of a community-driven, transparent, and secure Web3Shot ecosystem.

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