Launched in 2004, the Ripple Payment Network works with the XRP ledger. XRP is a famous cryptocurrency among other coins. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you may already know this through crypto blogging, as crypto experts frequently talk about it.

XRP is an alternative to traditional banking methods, making it a preferable choice for users. One of its benefits is its flexibility as crypto investors can easily move XRP across blockchains. However, taking into consideration the current state of the market, can XRP reach $10? What is its current worth? How much will it be worth in 2025 and 2030?

XRP’s value in 2022

According to Next Advisor, as of October 2022, the value of XRP is just over $0.47, with a market cap of $21.79 billion. However, the recent downfall of the crypto market has impacted XRP’s performance.

In the past year, XRP has lost more than 70% of its original value and has spiraled down to more than 90% from its all-time high value of $3.4. With an average forecast of $0.43, sources predict XRP could hit the $0.46 mark in December.

However, according to Trading Education, the price could be $1.3 by the end of the year. Crypto experts have claimed that, if the SEC lawsuit’s verdict favors XRP, the price could rise to a high of $2.5.

XRP’s value by 2025

Although the crypto market is facing a serious dip, experts are optimistic and predict that XRP will re-gain their value over the following years. This prediction is between $1.3 (as a minimum) and $1.5 (as a maximum) by 2025.

However, experts at Finder predicted the price to rise to a high of $3.6 by 2025. So, it’s worth noting that all of the previously mentioned stats differ from expert to expert. Some predict the coin to increase to a mindblowing high of $8.8 by 2025, while others think that the coin will remain under $1 even then.

XRP’s value by 2030

If Ripple wins the SEC lawsuit and the IPO comes to execution, XRP will gain its popularity back in terms of market value. Ripple is already brimming with futuristic financial services, enabling secure cross-platform and cross-blockchain payments.

For instance, take the PayID and One Pay FX features. The PayID works with any service provider with an easily readable and secure ID, while the One Pay FX enables (at most) same-day, low-charge international payments. It also offers total transparency regarding ETAs and funds’ arrival times.

All these features should raise the market value of XRP further. So, what do the experts predict the price to be in 2030?

Trading Education is hopeful that the coin’s long-term growth will make it stand right next to Visa as its biggest competitor. This means they predict XRP’s price to reach $31.8 by the decade’s end.

However, only a handful of experts predict XRP will reach the $10 mark in the upcoming years. But Ripple is a promising platform, and you shouldn’t give up your hopes for another few years.

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