Price prediction Synthetix 2021

Cryptocurrency has really made a breakthrough in 2021. Synthetix is one of the many currencies that has already shown a significant increase. But what are the Synthetix expectations for the rest of the year? Where can this currency be in 2025 or even 2030?

In this article we give 3 scenarios why this coin could possibly rise, but we also outline a forecast for the short term. Are you new to crypto? Then register first at one of the exchanges below!

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Synthetix Price Prediction for 2021 till 2025 | Forecast & Targets Synthetix

The SNX is the token that is central to the Synthetix ecosystem. SNX is used as collateral to generate new tokens. This is similar to how Ethereum is used as collateral when mining DAI in MakerDAO. 

The price of SNX started to move in September 2019 and the price has skyrocketed since June 2020. This is not surprising as you can expect the success of SNX to be strongly related to the success and activity rate of the overall crypto market. It would make sense, then, that there is still plenty of room for growth, so let’s take a closer look and see if it isn’t too late to invest in SNX. 

Synthetix price forecast 2021 – 2025 – The latest Synthetix price

The Synthetix network has the ability to expand endlessly and offer countless assets for you to track. The ease of use can therefore ensure that in the future investors who want to trade in gold, for example, will rather opt for a Synthetix token that follows the gold price, instead of trying to get their hands on physical gold in a cumbersome way.

In addition, there are millions of people who currently do not even have the option to choose. The precious metals market or the American stock markets are not even accessible to many and Synthetix can also offer them access to a first investment. The potential of SNX is therefore enormous and if the platform develops even further and can beat the competition, this may be just the tip of the iceberg. 

The most important thing for buying or trading a cryptocurrency is that you know what the company is doing. The new developments will lead to greater adoption and a change in price eventually.

For example, the team behind Synthetix is ​​busy with new innovations, which is very positive for the future. The Synthetix future prize will also be all waiting to see how all these points mentioned above will be realized by the team behind it. In any case, the plans and expectations for 2021 – 2025 look good.


At the end of 2019, Synthetix started to cooperate with Chainlink, this was a big breakthrough in the security of DeFi applications because it decentralizes both the smart contracts and the data oracle layers. 

Using Chainlink as an oracle, Synthetix can create all kinds of tokens to track the prices of almost any kind of asset. Thanks to Synthetix you can easily invest in gold or silver, for example, which is currently not accessible to everyone. The same goes for investing in traditional stock markets such as the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ. We have known these stock exchanges in Europe for years and it is no problem for us to find a broker that allows you to invest in them. But worldwide there are also hundreds of millions of people who do not have access to these markets, and Synthetix can offer a solution for this. 

Synthetix Strike and mines

In addition to purchasing SNX and tracking all kinds of assets, you can also stake or mine SNX yourself. SNX strikers maintain the system and are rewarded for this with a pro-rata amount that is related to the activity level of the system. 

The value of SNX is therefore directly related to the activity of the network. SNX is also used for collateral and is required if you want to mine SNX. Between March 2019 and March 2023, 160 million additional SNX tokens will be created. These tokens will be distributed among the SNX strikers. Someone who stakes SNX over this entire period can easily double his worth.

Buy or sell Synthetix | Best platforms and brokers for Synthetix

Interested in buying Synthetix? Buying Synthetix can be done at several exchanges. 

The best option to buy Synthetix is Binance. Binance is known as one of the largest exchanges worldwide with relatively low fees per transaction. Other benefits of Binance are:

  • Very safe
  • Many currencies available
  • Low trading costs
  • Free account

The second best option to buy Synthetix is Kraken. Kraken is one of the biggest international exchanges with many cryptocurrencies available. Kraken is easy to use for everyone in the world who likes to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

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