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Price prediction Filecoin 2021

Cryptocurrency has really made a breakthrough in 2021. Filecoin is one of the many currencies that has already shown a significant increase. But what are the Filecoin expectations for the rest of the year? Where can this currency be in 2025 or even 2030?

In this article we give 3 scenarios why this coin could possibly rise, but we also outline a forecast for the short term. Are you new to crypto? Then register first at one of the exchanges below!

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Filecoin Price Prediction for 2021 till 2025 | Forecast & Targets Filecoin

Filecoin (FIL) is a decentralized storage system with the aim of keeping important information. The project initially raised 205 million in 2017 and went fully live in mid-2020. Filecoin is an open protocol and is backed by a blockchain that stores changes to the people participating in the network, these transactions are used by the token FIL, the Filecoin token.

The project was developed by the American scientist Juan Benet, who has also developed other complex systems and has a good reputation. What makes Filecoin unique is that the data is stored in a decentralized way, which is the opposite of companies like Amazon Webservices or Cloudfare. These are managed by one company that controls everything. With Filecoin you can become a manager of your own data in a world where data is becoming increasingly central and important. The Filecoin token is called Filecoin and can be traded on Bitcoinmaster , Binance and Litebit .

Filecoin price forecast 2021 – 2025 – The price of Filecoin

Filecoin was launched on the mainnet in October 2020; the price of the coin (FIL) soared, but unfortunately this was of very short duration and after this peak the price has remained almost stable. Currently, Filecoin already has a market capitalization of nearly $ 1 billion! Because the coin has only just been on the market, it is mainly looking at what the project has to offer to possibly predict whether Filecoin still has a lot of potential for the future.

So what are Filecoin’s expectations?

Filecoin offers a unique solution for the storage of all our data. Thanks to the application of blockchain, storage is now safer, faster and cheaper than ever. Even technology giant IBM has understood the usefulness of blockchain in data storage and now has its own hybrid multi-cloud blockchain solution. The amount of data we produce will certainly increase and the benefits that blockchain offers are revolutionary. There is still some work to be done to make this adaptation truly mainstream, but when the time comes, it could change the way data is stored forever and the value of Filecoin could take a steep climb. 

The most important thing for buying or trading a cryptocurrency is that you know what the company is doing. The new developments will lead to greater adoption and a change in price eventually.


Filecoin is a peer-to-peer data storage network. Security and the associated privacy are therefore of crucial importance. In contrast to traditional data storage, such as with Google drive, Filecoin uses a decentralized blockchain network. The data is fragmented and no person or entity has access to the data. This makes the system revolutionary in protecting privacy. And also thanks to the encrypted files, a data breach is virtually impossible. 

Speed ​​and reliability

In exchange for offering data, you can earn Filecoin (FIL). The Filecoin blockchain will store all these transactions, as well as proof that the miners have processed the data correctly. 

Because the files are stored decentralized on multiple servers, they can also be accessed very quickly. This works just like BitTorrent, where you download fragments of your file from different servers on the network. Because your files are copied several times, not every server needs to be online to access your file, which makes for a fast and reliable system. 


Individuals as well as large companies can sign up as a “node” and offer their unused disk space to users. Because of this enormous scalability, the prices for data storage in this free market are extremely competitive compared to the classic formulas. It is possible that you only pay $ 2 per month for 1 Terrabyte of data. This will certainly enhance the popularity of the Filecoin!

The future of Filecoin

For example, the team behind Filecoin is busy with new innovations, which is very positive for the future. The Filecoin future prize will also completely wait and see how all these above points will be realized by the team behind it. In any case, the plans and expectations for 2021 – 2025 look good. Many are therefore already choosing to step in for the expectations of 2021.

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Interested in buying Filecoin? Buying Filecoin can be done at several exchanges. 

The best option to buy Filecoin is Binance. Binance is known as one of the largest exchanges worldwide with relatively low fees per transaction. Other benefits of Binance are:

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The second best option to buy Filecoin is Kraken. Kraken is one of the biggest international exchanges with many cryptocurrencies available. Kraken is easy to use for everyone in the world who likes to buy/sell cryptocurrencies.

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