Earning by playing video games can be achieved by Crypto games or DeFi games, attracting great attention and gaining great popularity from the users and communities. In the past months, play-to-earn games have ushered. Under this big environment, Lilliput is launching market soon, aiming to create a real lilliput fur users to enjoy an adventure.

Lilliput is an SLG game based on the scenario of a race of miniature people building a tribe to help their survival and prosperity in a dangerous world. Players can cultivate their tribe by recruiting workers, collecting resources, upgrading buildings, and researching technology across the Lilliput Kingdom.

In the Lilliput Kingdom, players are able to train warriors and raise pets to strengthen their armies, and by commanding their armies, players can take part in the PVE game Secret Challenge. They can attack other people’s cities through PVP to plunder their resources, which can be used to upgrade their own cities and advance their technology to develop stronger armies. Players can also take part in PVP ranked matches against other players in offensive and defensive battles. Victory in ranked matches earns the player points, and each season is ranked according to the points. Token rewards are awarded at the end of the season according to the players ranking.

Just as any other DeFi games, the most attractive part of Lilliput is the Play to Earn. The main access to Tokens in the game is by participating in ranked matches. Winning in ranked matches earns points, and each season you are ranked according to your points. At the end of each season, users are rewarded with a large amount of Tokens according to the ranking. The ranked matches match players based on their points, and after a successful match, they enter a sealed battlefield to compete. The two parties in the battle are the attackers and the defenders. The units involved in the battle are the players themselves, the recruited armies and their summoned pets. If the attacker destroys the core building of the defender within the time limit, the attacker wins, otherwise the defender wins.

In addition, as one of the most important combat units in the game, pets can be extracted by the player as NFTs and traded freely in the marketplace in exchange for tokens. Players can acquire pets by buying NFTs in the marketplace, or by participating in in-game challenges and events. There is a limit to the number of pets a player can carry into a battle. Once players reach a certain number of pets, they can fuse pets of the same type and star level to obtain a higher star level and improve their battle power. Players can also trade their extra pets in the marketplace and use tokens to purchase the pets they need.

According to the roadmap, in the coming months, Lilliput NFT will be released as well as game beta test. This will be followed by the development of new pets and warrior types, as well as new PVP battles.

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