Based on the official announcement of Huobi, the global largest digital asset exchanges, MRS (Metars Genesis) will be listed on Huobi on July 29th, 2022; while MRS withdrawals will open at 9:00 on July 30th. This listing marks the market’s high recognition of Metars Genesis in the field of NFT and appreciation of its contribution to the inclusiveness of religious art.

Metars Genesis is the first NFT platform with religious art as the theme, and for all fans who love religion. Metars wishes to build a crystallization of human civilization with the support of VR technology, and will finally display the greatest works of art with the most religious, divine and human enlightenment values in human history. By cooperating with many world-renowned religious artists to create and publish religious art NFTs, Metars will introduce their works for sale or auction, and then gradually develop into a completely free open world through the joint construction of all residents.

Metars Genesis is completely decentralized, and all users vote together to select the artwork they want to buy the copyright. The Metars metaverse is controlled by DeFi tools (i.e. smart contracts) in financial centers throughout the game, which brings many advantages to NFT holders, circulated by Metars(token). Starting from Metars gallery, every resident builds together and gradually develops into a completely free open world.

As for Huobi, the most world-renown exchange platform, serves as the biggest platform in the market to offer digital asset trading services for global users. The listing of Metars Genesis on Huobi is stunning enough to prove that its early efforts have achieved great results. In addition, this landing on Huobi also marks a key step for Metars Genesis into the global market, which can quickly enhance its reputation.

Nowadays, NFT is gaining increasing attention; while the inclusiveness of religious arts is visionary. Therefore, the innovative platform Metars Genesis provided is offering the best benefits to the community and can gain great support from the market. This listing on Huobi is Metars Genesis’s first global expansion move after it launched the market. Being a platform of great potential, any progress and profile-raising are well deserved.

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