CryptoGlobal Starts Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange Under “CPTO”
January 29, 2018

CryptoGlobal Starts Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange Under the Ticker Symbol “CPTO”

Blockchain innovator confirms it will have 8600 machines operational by March 31, 2018; and will invest 50% of earnings back into scaling infrastructure

 TORONTO, ONTARIO – January 29, 2018 – One of Canada’s newest publicly traded blockchain technology companies — CryptoGlobal Corp (TSXV:CPTO) which begins trading today on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol “CPTO” — confirmed it will have 8600 cryptocurrency mining machines operating at its Canadian data centre by March 31, 2018.

On Track to Operationalize 10,000 Cryptocurrency Mining Machines in Canada

CryptoGlobal CEO Rob Segal says the company expects to add an additional 1400 machines to its Canadian mining operations by the end of April 2018.  “We’re building a Canadian blockchain technology company for the long-term and are on track to meet our goal of operationalizing 10,000 machines by the end of April,” says Segal adding that the company is currently mining four of the world’s most popular coins:  Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin and Ether.

Segal calls cryptocurrency mining “the future of mining in Canada.”  He explains that Canada’s access to affordable renewable power, high speed internet, cold climate and well-regulated, stable financial markets make it an ideal location to build out large-scale cryptocurrency mining and FinTech operations.  “Our team is in Canada.  Our engineers are in Canada.  And most important of all, our mines are in Canada,” says Segal.

CryptoGlobal to Invest 50% of Earnings in Scaling Technology / Blockchain R&D

CryptoGlobal expects to invest 50% of total earnings back into cryptocurrency mining infrastructure and blockchain R&D.  “Investing in scale and the ability to be agile and flexible enough to shift our hash power as the cryptocurrency and FinTech markets develop will be a critical part of our ability to deliver value to our shareholders and be successful over the long-term,” explains CryptoGlobal President James Millership.

CryptoGlobal – We Power the Blockchain

CryptoGlobal is a Canadian blockchain and financial technology company.  Our team mines a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies from one of Canada’s largest and most efficient mining operations.  Currently, CryptoGlobal focuses on mining Bitcoin, DASH, Ether and Litecoin – using a mix of custom-tuned mining technologies.

Editor’s Notes:

What is Cryptocurrency mining?

Think of CryptoGlobal like the utility company for digital currency transactions. Instead of powering your house, CryptoGlobal powers the blockchain.

For digital currency transactions to work; every Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction needs to be validated and verified by cryptocurrency miners like CryptoGlobal.

CryptoGlobal uses powerful mining machines — super computers — to solve complex problems that validate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions.  Every time CryptoGlobal solves a problem, its computers create a digital seal known as a “block” to verify the transaction.  Each block is saved to the blockchain — a virtual ledger that records every digital currency transaction.

CryptoGlobal gives its energy and computing power to the blockchain and in return, CryptoGlobal gets little pieces of each transaction (paid in digital currency) as a reward.

So far, the company has a large-scale mining operation up and running in Canada, with  concrete plans to scale its mining machine hash power in Q1 2018.  CryptoGlobal currently mines a diverse mix of four popular cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Litecoin.


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