Our Story

CryptoGlobal is a Canadian blockchain and financial technology leader. We mine a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and LiteCoin – from large-scale operations in Canada. Founded by tech entrepreneurs Rob Segal (CEO), James Millership (President) and blockchain engineers Jacob Shultis (CTO) and Roozbeh Ebbadi (COO), CryptoGlobal has scaled quickly to become one of Canada’s largest, most efficient and diverse mining operations.

Company News

The future of mining. Why CryptoGlobal thinks Canada is a Good Place to Mine Cryptocurrency

December 13, 2017

Known for its natural resources and legacy of traditional mining, Canada is now emerging as one of the world’s newest cryptocurrency mining capitals.

CryptoGlobal CEO Rob Segal says that one of Canada’s most attractive attributes as a cryptocurrency mining center is the availability of competitively priced, renewable power.

CryptoGlobal mines a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies from large-scale mining operations based in Canada – which makes it one of the first large-scale blockchain technology companies to locate its mining facilities in North America instead of overseas.

For Investors

CryptoGlobal is one of Canada’s largest and leading blockchain technology companies.

The company’s growth and success lies in our philosophy to apply a diversified approach to large-scale cryptocurrency mining.